The Birth Of ZaëVoe

Throughout our entire lives, the process of maintaining and taking care of our hair is a direct expression of self-identity. As our mood and style change, so does our hair. Our hair embodies us in these moments as we become new versions of ourselves.
As beautiful as this process is, there was always just one thing missing. From growing up as a young girl to becoming a mother, shopping for hair care products just felt ordinary and uninspiring.
I always wanted to experience natural haircare products that embodied my love for all things innovative. This feeling was rare and I felt other women and girls might feel the same.
As we routinely walked to the end of the haircare aisle to grab our essential haircare products, it became very clear that something was missing.
What was once an idea soon became a reality and ultimately led us to create our own haircare products with a fresh new vision encompassing who we are. Our ideas had no boundaries, and finally haircare started to feel and look like something we always wanted to see represented.
Setting our sights high we strive to bring you bold haircare products and make your unique haircare journey a little more exciting every day. Using only the finest all-natural ingredients, creating nourishing hair formulas and most of all, creating products that spark excitement and joy from within.
“Bringing you a world of redefined confidence!”
Ava & Zoë
Artwork By Lucie-Melodie