ZaëVoe Hair Perfume

Running day to day errands, cooking my favorite dishes or just briefly being outdoors will leave faint and lingering scents all over. Hair being porous it readily absorbs a combination of elements from our general surroundings. Feeling as if there was no product around to fit my specific needs, I was determined to create something special that I felt other women and girls might be looking for.
With the thought of bringing something bold into the marketplace we decided to create a nourishing hair elixir, for the love of great smelling hair! Catering to the idea of wanting to make something natural that not only smelled amazing but is beneficial for our hair too, we did just that.

Incorporating the ancient traditions of Ayurveda holistic hair care practices, nurturing the beliefs and ideology of keeping the scalp cool using soothing herbal mixtures and natural oils yields a fully nourished, strong and healthy head of hair.

Understanding that our sense of smell is our most primitive sense, I am a firm believer we apply our prized perfume last because it seals our entire beauty process. It is our very own seal of approval we cover ourselves with before we step out into the world and claim our day.

 ZaëVoe natural hair perfume is the one thing you have always known you needed. Our remedy has now been perfected for women and girls to enjoy!

Ava and I look to inspire the world with a quality hair fragrance that not only smells amazing but is also beneficial for your hair and scalp.

Redefined confidence is just one spray away!

Created, developed and owned

by Ava and Zoë Armstrong.
Est. 04/28/20